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2014-06-02 21:13:48

Online Financial Resources

There are plenty of online financial resources to help you keep track of your finances, create and stick to a budget, and keep track of where your money is going.  Here are a few good ones that can really make a difference if you struggle to keep track of your money.  Remember that the key to financial health is being aware and proactive.



This website has some of the best financial calculators available for free online. Online financial resources like this one help you make a plan to make the most out of the money you have.

You can play around with the tool and look at different options for budgets and payments.  This is especially key for large debts like loans and mortgages, because paying them off faster can save you thousands of dollars.


  1. Fianacial Consumer Agency of Canada

This website has lots of interactive tools such as mortgage calculators, and resources to help you chose the right bank account for you. Another nice thing is that it is government resource so you can generally trust it to be more free from bias than an online financial resources offered by a banks.


  1. Our Groceries App

Food is generally not your biggest expense, but it is one of the ones where it is easiest to spend far more than necessary. You don’t realise you are out of milk until you get home, so you end up paying twice as much for a small carton at the corner store down the street.  You don’t realise there is nothing easy to make in the cupboards until the whole family is home late on a busy day and all ravenous, so you order a pizza.


This app lets you keep an updated shopping list in your hand so you can check what you need before you get home.  You can also sync it with other members of the household, so if someone uses the last of that milk you’ll know about it before you need it for a cup of tea. It is a handy day to day online financial resource that can really make a difference to your monthly budget



Keeping track of all your various finances and bills can be a struggle.  If you lack organisation you can miss a payment simply because you forgot it was due, but the damage it does to your credit score is the same as if you missed it because you couldn’t pay. can track all of your accounts and outgoing expenses in one place, so you never lose track of what is due and when. You can also link it to your mobile device and set up alerts when spending exceeds the amounts you designated for certain categories.


These are not the only online financial resources available.  There are many out there and they are all a little different, so if these don’t work shop around and find one that fits with your needs.  Just remember that an online financial resource is only effective if you keep on top of it and keep the information current.